It is worth knowing

The seasons of Brazil are the reverse of what the seasons are in the Northern Hemisphere,
including Europe and the United States. Brazil's summer lasts from December to April.
Contrary to what you might think, we are located at a very strategic place, in a privileged location,
just steps from the sea, and nature. A peaceful place nearby shops and restaurants.

Peaceful place

Don’t worry, you wont hear any of the nightlife/music sounds. Quiet neighborhood

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Great advantages

Take a look at our 360 picture and at our video, and I can guarantee you will be amazed.
This is a wonderful place for you to have a great time and special moments.



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Breathtaking view! You can watch the most beautiful sunrise from right outside the balcony our the bedroom window.


Pure nature

Wake up with the nature so close that you will feel its energy.


There is so much more.

Besides our beach Praia Grande, we are located close to numerous beautiful beaches.


Love the sea

If you are interested in water sports you can rent a stand-up paddle, practice surf, windsurfing, boat tour….



The sunset couldn't be any different. The beaches offer an amazing and spectacular view.



Discover tourist attractions everywhere. After all, São Francisco do Sul is the third oldest city in Brazil.


Much more...

Nearby is the Parque Estadual do Acarai… let’s go hiking?


Unforgettable moments await you

We are offering our townhome vacation rental to you.
Wake up to the soothing sounds of the beach, spend quality time with family and friends,
and just soothe your soul with the sights and sounds of this beautiful place.

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